I made this site for my mother-in-law. She is basically a Jack (Jackie?)-of-all-trades. She works as an esthetician at a hotel spa in Florence, AL and now has a spot in her basement for at home esthetician services. This was my first project to go live and loved doing it. It was a great page to test my new knowledge on. I was able to make plenty of changes as I learned new techniques. It is still a work in progress, but it has come a long way since the beginning!

This project was pretty much to get practice so that I could actually start making sites for clients. I made a restaurant site for a local mom & pop cafe with hopes that if other local places like it, I could tailor it to each business.

I started this project as a class assignment when I was working on my Associates in Web Development. I have since updated it for a class for my Bachelor’s degree. One of my dogs is a Blue Heeler and he is so unique so I decided to make an informational site about them. I know there are a ton of dog sites out there, but I figured I could put a personal touch on this one. This project was somewhat of a challenge for me because I am so used to working with Bootstrap, but we were not allowed to use it for school. We also were not allowed to use add-ons like Font Awesome.

I was working on a site for the Rushmore chapter of A.B.A.T.E. The president of the state chapter was at the meeting where I presented the site. He was impressed so he brought the idea to the Board of Directors and they were also impressed! I got the call asking to make them a site as well.

I was asked by the Web Liasion for Rushmore A.B.A.T.E. to manage their website they already had in place. They knew it was a wreck so I agreed to update the site as needed with a possible complete overhaul in the future. Well, me being me, I did a complete overhaul just in case they decided to go that route. I figured if they said no, I would have the practice and I could keep it in my back pocket for other motorcycle organizations. Luckily, they loved it and went along with it! This was a fun project.

Dakota Travel was the first legitimate contact request from my personal website! I have received a lot of “This is what I want and I have an outrageously high budget, but I’m going to send you thousands more than your estimate so you can pay my project consultant. k? thanks!”. It was a relief to finally get an inquiry from a local business that I knew was the real deal.

My mom and Step-dad moved to Florida a few years back into an active retirement community. Clubs of different states and countries are just one of the many programs that Timber Pines has to keep everyone active. The Michigan Club decided that they needed a place for people to go to see what activities they have going on. Thankfully, my mom came to me 😛