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Temperament and Personality

Australian Cattle Dogs are high-energy dogs that constantly need a job to stay happy. When they become bored, that is when the destruction starts. Many owners train them for work or performance. They are used for herding cattle and sheep, agility, tracking, rally and obedience. They are very stubborn so mental exercise is great for them, too.

They are always on high alert and is quick to let you know something is approaching which makes them great watch dogs.

ACDs and Children

It is possible for children and heelers to live together, peacefully. In the beginning, my son and Mylo did not get along. It turns out my son was jealous so he was picking on our new puppy. Well, when the new puppy would bite my 5 year old, he would get in trouble. It got to the point that we were going to have to find a new home for our new puppy because they just were not getting along. It was then we realized my son had a plan and it was at that time my son realized his plan had failed. We decided to keep our new puppy and, over time, they became the best of friends. Now, they are inseparable. With all of that being said, heelers are better with older children.

ACDs and Other Dogs

When we got Mylo at eight weeks old, we already had another dog, Otys. Otys is a Black Lab and is just the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Otys is Mylo's security. They call Heelers velcro dogs for a reason. He goes wherever Otys goes. There was a day when Otys had to go to the vet because something stung him in the mouth. Mylo was left outside...he dug a hole underneath the fence and went searching for his brother. ACDs "imprint" on someone and they love them for life. It just shows how loyal these dogs are.

Mylo and Otys aka Best Buds

Mylo & Otys - The Inseparable Duo!