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ACDs have a smooth, double coat that is only supposed to shed twice a year. Mylo sheds year-round. We always know when he has been on the couch because he leaves his long, white hair behind. It is his hair that required us to get a robot vacuum so we don't have to vacuum three times a day. Ok, maybe three times a day is exaggerating, but daily would not be.

These dogs do not require a lot of bathing unless they are working dogs on a farm and get dirty often. Weekly brushing will help with the shedding (Maybe that's what I am missing!). Just like any other dog, their nails should stay trimmed so they don't break. If your ACD is anything like Mylo, they will be active enough to file down their own nails. Their ears can build up with wax which can result in an infection. This happened to Mylo once... he whined and constantly shook his head. The vet gave him some drops and he was fine within a day.


Such a cute face!