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Breed Standards

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  1. General Appearance

    The general appearance is a strong built working dog. The muscles must show great agility, strength and endurance.

  2. Head

    The head is strong and proportionate to the size of the dog. The skull is slightly curved between the ears. The muzzle is medium length and powerful with a black nose.

  3. Body

    The body is a straight line from the breast bone to the buttocks. The ribs are not barrel shaped and are well sprung.

  4. Forequarters

    The shoulders are strong with well angulated to the upper arm. The front legs are strong and should be straight and parallel when viewing from front. However, the back legs should have a slight angle to front legs when viewed from the side.

  5. Coat

    The double coat is smooth with a short, dense undercoat. The outer coat is short and lays flat to be rain resistant. On average, the hairs should be 1-1 1/2 inces in length. Any longer or shorter is a fault.

  6. Facial Features

    Eyes - The eyes are oval and medium size and must show alertness adn intelligence.

    Ears - The ears are moderate in size, preferably smaller. Broad at the base and upright.

    Mouth - Teeth must be very strong is very important as these dogs are expected to bit and nip cattle.

  7. Hindquarters

    The hindquarters are also strong. The thighs are long, broad and well-developered. The hind legs are straight and parallel when viewed from behind.

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