Hi, I'm Marci, front-end web developer and designer. I am a lone wolf creating custom sites for small businesses and non-profits. I started working with websites while working for the State of South Dakota. I was asked to take a Dreamweaver class so that I would be able to update our division's site. I had no history with coding so I was very nervous! After taking the Dreamweaver class, I realized that I wanted to do more than just update site that were already created. I wanted to learn how to code and that is exactly what I did.

Me, of course! The family

I enrolled at American Military University and received my Associates in Web Design and Development. After that degree, I worked with Free Code Camp and CodeAcademy to learn even more. I figured clients would want to see degrees to show what I have learned so I am working on my Bachelors right now with Fort Hayes State University. In between degrees, I enrolled in a bunch of classes over at Udemy. There I took a JavaScript class and a Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp. Once I get my feet wet, I will take more classes in backend development so that I can be a fullstack developer.