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by Shelaine, LLC

I made this site for my mother-in-law. She is basically a Jack (Jackie?)-of-all-trades. She works as an esthetician at a hotel spa in Florence, AL and now has a spot in her basement for at home esthetician services. This was my first project to go live and loved doing it. It was a great page to test my new knowledge on. I was able to make plenty of changes as I learned new techniques. It is still a work in progress, but it has come a long way since the beginning!

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Connie's Cafe

This project was pretty much to get practice so that I could actually start making sites for clients. I made a restaurant site for a local mom & pop cafe with hopes that if other local places like it, I could tailor it to each business.

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Australian Cattle Dog

I started this project as a class assignment when I was working on my Associates in Web Development. I have since updated it for a class for my Bachelor's degree. One of my dogs is a Blue Heeler and he is so unique so I decided to make an informational site about them. I know there are a ton of dog sites out there, but I figured I could put a personal touch on this one. This project was somewhat of a challenge for me because I am so used to working with Bootstrap, but we were not allowed to use it for school. We also were not allowed to use add-ons like Font Awesome. and Bootstrap

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